Wednesday, 20 June 2012

outfit of the day:)

outfit of the day!:) check out my lookbook page for brands and prices, hype and fan please!:)

Friday, 8 June 2012

Absolutely love london these were taken by me last august hopefully i will be fortunate enough to go back to the beautiful city this summer.I love my camera and its always by my side,I do hate those people who claim to be a photographer because thye have a snazzy camera.For me on the other hand I just do it as an enjoyment!:)you can check out my pictures on these links:

ashiee and her mind: Absolutely love photography.. i hate those people ...

ashiee and her mind: Absolutely love photography.. i hate those people ...: Absolutely love photography.. i hate those people out there that claim to be professional photographers becuase they have some snazzy camera...
I decided to study a course in fashion,media and film make up.Although I havn't finished school yet i did it in transition year as you don't do much in this and it avoids being lazy.I really enjoyed this course as I learnt a lot about make up and a broader picture of like film and fashion make up.
I graduated last June and recieved my international diploma.This is a great advantage for when I choose my future career it will always be in the background.
So here's a few bits and bobs that I have done in the last year:D

Sunday, 3 June 2012

dont get me wrong i love walking into topshop but struggle to spend an incredible amount of money on one piece of clothing so i decided to create my own you like me now topshop!?;D